Street Intermediate Finals

1st: Kylie Frank

2nd: Jessica Perlmutter

3rd: Vilja Lundmark

4th: Jaelyn Sedeno

5th: Jessie Darnall

6th: Yerin Ko


Street Advanced Finals

1st: Secret Lynn

2nd: Aoi Fukuda

3rd: Leyou Zeng

4th: Jessica Perlmutter

5th: Smile Lv

6th: Courtney Akita


Street Open-Pro Finals

1st: Margielyn Arda Didal, $6,000

2nd: Wenhui Zeng aka ZOE, $3,000

3rd: Ricci Tres, $2,000

4th: Paige Heyn, $1,300

5th: Annie Guglia, $1,200

6th: Christiana Means, $1,100

7th: Junyi Lan, $1,000

8th: Aoi Fukuda, $700


Street Best Trick

Wenhui Zeng (Zoe), $1,500

Vert Intermediate Finals

1st: Juno Matsuoka

2nd: Michelle Yoon

3rd: Cona Suganami

4th: Joey Yarbrough

5th: Samantha Tieg Livaditis

6th: Katelyn West

7th: Phoenix Dickinson

8th: Nina Ye


Vert Open-Pro Finals

1st: Ruby Lilley, $6,000

2nd: Bryce Wettstein, $3,000

3rd: Yujuan Li, $2,000

4th: Arianna Carmona, $1,300

5th: Grace Marhoefer, $1,200

6th: Kihana Ogawa, $1,100


Vert Highest Frontside Air

Juno Matsuoka, $1,000


Vert Highest Backside Air

Kihana Ogawa, $1,000


Vert Best Trick

Juno Matsuoka, $1,500


Bowl Intermediate Finals

1st: Mazel Alegado

2nd: Kate Kuno

3rd: Alicemay Abagian

4th: Joey Yarbrough

5th: Mei Nakano


Bowl Advanced Finals

1st: Juno Matsuoka

2nd: Nico Suganami

3rd: Aoi Fukuda

4th: Katelyn West

5th: Maya Kenny


Bowl Golden 30 and Up Finals

1st: Deise Reis

2nd: Jessie Frietze-Armenta

3rd: Kim Peterson

4th: Cheryl Milstien

5th: Lauren Callahan

6th: Jean Rusen

7th: Katy Belton

8th: Nanou Flashes


Bowl Open-Pro Finals

1st: Kihana Ogawa, $6,000

2nd: Yuzuki Mizote, $3,000

3rd: Ruby Lilley, $2,000

4th: Bryce Wettstein, $1,300

5th: Lilly Erickson, $1,200

6th: Aaliyah Wilson, $1,100

7th: Cona Suganami, $1,000

8th: Lola Tambling, $700


Bowl Longest Frontside Grind

Cona Suganami, $1,000

Bowl Longest Backside Grind

Harlow Johnsey, $1,000

Bowl Longest Slide

Jordan Santana, $1,000

Wondering what Exposure is all about and how we came to be?

This deep dive news article about Exposure and the Exposure X event from NBC San Diego takes a lengthy look at our mission to empowering women through skateboarding— starting from the very beginning.

Thanks to writer, Katie Lane for the strong coverage of Exposure co-founder, Amelia Brodka, and her journey from Poland, to New Jersey, to Tokyo 2020, and back again.

We’re getting really excited for our November 6, 2021 Video Contest Premiere at La Paloma Theater! Hope to see you there!

NBC San Diego Coverage of Exposure X

Exposure X coverage on NBC San Diego.