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Shred Vibes Vol 1 Playlist Cover2021 Exposure Skate
Paige Heyn vs Julia Brueckler - Mini Ramp Champ
Julia Brueckler vs Aimee Massie - Mini Ramp Champ S2:6


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“The fastest growing demographic in skateboarding is women. Exposure continues to lead the way.”

Andy Mac - Pro Skateboarder

“Exposure is my favorite contest of the year. I like that it’s all girls and we’re just supporting each other the whole time and it’s just a really fun event.”

Ariana CarmonaQuell Skateboarding

“Exposure is a long-running contest. Exposure in its beginning was because there were no other events– as to give girls literally exposure, get them out there, get them publicity and have a contest for them. It’s evolving now and Exposure means probably quality and bringing in more people. We’re exposing that this actually exists out there and there’s a lot of girl skaters or non-binary skaters that also rip and want a community.”

Alex White - Pro Skateboarder Quell Skateboarding
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