Saturday, November 4th
9am: Street Intermediate
9am – 4pm: Vendor Village/Game Zone/ Skate Rising Activity
11am: Woodward Bowl Advanced
11-11:30am: Learn to Skate Clinic
12:30pm: Woodward Bowl Intermediate
2pm: Woodward Bowl Golden (30 & Up)
2:30pm: Woodward Bowl Open/Pro
Immediately following: Longest Grinds/Slide
Awards immediately following
6pm USA Premier of “Pushing – From Rättvik to California” at the La Paloma 
(Doors Open 6pm, Movie Stars 7pm)
Tickets available here!

Sunday, November 5th
9am: Street Advanced
9am – 4pm: Vendor Village/Game Zone/ Skate Rising Activity
10:30-11 Learn-to-Skate Clinic
10:30am: Bones Love Milk Vert Intermediate
Immediately following: Domestic violence survivors speech
12pm: Bones Love Milk Vert Open/Pro
1:30pm: Vert Best Trick /Cash For Tricks, distributed to individuals who land worthy, personally-challenging tricks, plus overall “Best Trick” of the session gets $1500
2pm: Triple 8 Highest Airs
2:30pm: Street Open/Pro
Street Best Trick/ Cash for Tricks immediately following
Awards Immediately Following
Afterparty: 6- 10pm Status Skateshop ft. music by Beebs and The Downhill Jam