SAN DIEGO — Skateboarding will be in the Olympics for the first time ever, and one neighborhood all-star has her sights set on Tokyo 2020.

There are just six events between 30-year-old Amelia Brodka and the 2020 Olympics — a pipe dream from her childhood.

“I remember being 12 years old and seeing Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, a local from here skating this giant ramp just doing huge airs, and there was something about seeing another woman doing something of that caliber that made it seem like, ‘Oh this is accessible to me, too’. So from that moment on I completely dedicated myself to skateboarding, to trying to learn new tricks and to helping others along the way.”


SAN DIEGO — A local nonprofit aims to get women and girls of all ages into the skate park and onto a skateboard. Tabitha Lipkin explains how Exposure Skate provides women with a place to learn while giving back.

“After seeing my own girls start skateboarding when they were 6 and 8, I saw the positive life lessons that came from that right away — like the pushing through fear, the falling and getting back up, over and over and over again to accomplish what you want. And their confidence levels shot through the roof,” founder and director Callie Kelsay said.


Encinitas’ non-profit Skate Rising delivered boxes of fun activity kits, made by 75 young skater girls, to Rady Children’s Hospital patients on July 13.

Calli Kelsay is the founder and program director of Skate Rising, which has a mission to teach compassion through service, empowerment and skateboarding to girls between the ages of 4-18.

“We use skateboarding as a conduit to teach self-confidence,” Kelsay said.

The charitable organization is the youth arm of Exposure Skate, a non-profit that brings opportunity and visibility to women who embody courage and strength through skateboarding.

For the third time in four years, Skate Rising delivered fun activity kits for a mixture of ages to Rady Children’s Hospital.


New for 2018, the first G.W.R. (Girls Who Ride) Am Park contest held at Dew Tour Long Beach went off with a bang. Thanks to Nikita Clothing and Exposure Skate on spot lighting all the up and coming girls in the bowl and park of skateboarding.

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A skateboarding tour directed at young skaters will make a stop Sunday morning in Napa, with the twin goals of service and empowering girls in the sport.

Skate Rising will bring its Feed the Need tour to the Napa Skate Park at Kennedy Park in a program that runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event is the fourth of five stops during the tour, which began July Fourth in Scotts Valley and concludes July 14 in Eugene, Oregon.


Join us on Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Leading the Way, has a conversation with Amelia Brodka, President of Exposure Skate, on the opportunties for women and girls to change the game in skateboarding.