We couldn’t be more proud of Exposure Olympians, Sakura Yosozumi and Sky Brown taking the Gold and Bronze Medals in the first-ever Olympic Women’s Park Skateboarding competition!

Would you believe that Sakura’s first international contest was at Exposure 2017? She blew us away in the 15 & Over AM Bowl event– easily taking the win with her impressive switch blunt tricks in the deep end. A few hours later, she realized she should have entered the Pro division; So, instead of skating AM Vert she switched to Pro Vert, earning 3rd place with huge airs and incredible technical prowess.

At Exposure 2019, Sakura placed First in Pro Vert, and treated us to some totally blasted and head-high backside ollies in High Air. We were thrilled to see her competing at the Olympics and making history as the first Women’s Skateboarding Gold Medalist! Congratulations, Sakura!

Ready for another bit of Exposure Trivia? Sky Brown’s first skateboarding competition was *also* with Exposure, when she flew in from Japan to compete in both the Exposure 2015 Am Bowl and Am Street events. She was only 7 years old at the time (!), but her incredible technical skills earned her 3rd place in bowl– and, we’re still thinking about her 7 year-old front 50 50s to fakie.

Over the years, we’ve watched Sky’s bag of tricks grow exponentially, culminating in her bronze medal Olympic experience representing Great Britain! Well done, Sky!

We are so proud of the both of these women– and the entire field of Women’s Skateboarding Olympians– for representing the passion, compassion and camaraderie of Skateboarding. LET’S KEEP GOING!

Sakura’s Exposure Skate awards:

1st Place Exposure Bowl Am 2017
3rd Place Exposure Vert Pro 2017
1st Place Exposure Bowl Pro 2017
1st Place Exposure Vert Pro 2019

Sky’s Exposure Skate awards:

3rd Place Exposure Am Bowl 2015
6th Place Exposure Am Street 2015

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