The Live Premiere Last night was incredible thanks to an amazing team of volunteers, the La Paloma and Core Hydration!

Thank you to everyone who came and to all of those who donated to help up support the CRC’s domestic violence program. Most of all, thank you to all of the skaters who pushed themselves to make some incredible video parts!

Wondering how you can watch the submissions from home?

The EXPOSURE X Full Length video is LIVE NOW on our YouTube Channel . It features cameos from every single submission as well as full parts from the top 3 in each division.


We want to make sure that the rest of these awesome submissions get the love and attention they deserve! In order to do that we have lined up a week of YouTube Premieres just for you!

LIVE NOW – The Exposure X Full Length Video

November 8th 6pm PST  – Independent Best Video Part Transition 14 & Under

November 9th 6pm PST  –  Independent Best Video Part Transition 15-29

November 10th 6pm PST  30+ in Independent Best Video Part Transition and Santa Cruz Best Video Part Street 30+

November 11th 6pm PST Best Video Part Street 14 & Under

November 12th 6pm PST Best Video Part Street 15-29

November 13th 6pm PST Independent Best Trick Street and Skatelite Best Trick Transition

November 14th Krux Best Crew and the Impala Skate Rising Award

November 15 – Dec. 31 – each part will be posted to our channel as a stand-alone part, with two parts dropping per day.

SKATERS! PLEASE wait until your full part drops in one of these premieres to post on your social channels, thank you for your patience.


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