Check out Skatingfashionista‘s latest post about our last Skate Rising event, in which young girls came together to learn about how they can help refugees feel welcome in our community:








When Anacleta Rendon was chosen as the winner of a one-month trip to California, her friends were the first to find out. They did what any great friends would do, they surprised her and filmed her reaction!

Watch Anacleta find out for the first time that she will be traveling from Colombia to California to skate among the world’s top skateboarders at EXPOSURE 2016!


Make your Cyber Monday purchases through Amazon Smile and your gift purchases can help empower women through skateboarding. Just CLICK HERE and choose “EXPOSURE Skate” before you start your holiday shopping and Amazon will donate .05% of your purchases to our cause.


We are proud to announce that UNDEREXPOSED, the documentary that inspired EXPOSURE is now available for rent or purchase on iTunes! Check it out by clicking here.

Recently, the parents of ten-year-old skater Spencer Breaux sent us a paper she wrote titled “My Extreme Dream.”

The paper was chosen to be in a city-wide competition in Denver, CO.

Spencer is not only bright, but she is also an amazing skateboarder!

“The skateboard industry usually neglects to put girls in skateboard advertisements because they think that girls won’t help them sell their products. The girls you do see in magazines don’t actually skate.  This is only encouraging girls to sit and watch, instead of to skate.”

“Exposure has become one of the only all-girls’ contests.  Whenever I go there, I can feel the unity of the girls who all desperately want women’s skateboarding to progress.  It inspires me to make a change.”

Spencer’s drive and perseverance is proof that the future of women’s skateboarding is bright!

Follow the link below to read Spencer’s paper:
My Extreme Dream

New this year, the person that submits the largest donation to EXPOSURE 2013 will get their very own seat at the autograph signing table alongside Mitchie Brusco, Cara-Beth Burnside, Pierre-Luc Gagnon (PLG), Jeff Grosso, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, Mimi Knoop, Andy Macdonald, Danny Mayer, Austin Poynter, Josh Rodriguez, Tom Schaar and Adam Taylor!!!

Submit a donation by clicking here.


This year, EXPOSURE 2013 is proud to announce the addition of FREE YOGA CLASSES! Yoga is a beautiful compliment to skateboarding. These classes will calm your mind and stretch your body to warm up for an exciting action-packed day!

The health benefits of yoga range from an increase in balance to an increase in the ability to tweak your airs.

So come down early and participate in either the beginner or intermediate yoga classes going on from 9am – 11am. All are welcome!

Special thanks go to Mary from Yoga Body Oceanside and Bridget Yoga for Skateboarders

Alana Smith’s McTwist

Alana Smith’s McTwist