Diversity in Skateboarding

Check out NBC 7 San Diego’s coverage of Exposure as they combine our 2023 event with Dr. Neftali Williams’ thoughts on demographics and diversity in skateboarding!

Dr. Williams studies the social aspects of skateboarding at the University of Southern California. He leads the world-famous Skate Study as part of his work on race and culture, specifically addressing the idea of how skateboarding acts as an agent of social change. We are honored to be included in this story as the local tie-in to this diversity in skateboarding thread.

Exposure Co-Founder and President, Amelia Brodka, features prominently in the second half of this feature as does local favorite, Olympian Bryce Wettstein.

Professor’s Rad Claims About Diversity in Skateboarding

Skate culture is becoming incredibly diverse, and we might all be able to learn something from it, reports NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia.